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Man, there has been an EXPLOSION of new construction all over the Moon, but PARTICULARLY on the Far Side.

It is all used up.

It occurred, swiftly, during the last 60 years or so that we have been closely observing them.

I believe it is WHY we have not been back.

The Apollo Missions may have been allowed to land in the last uninhabited areas, what appears to be almost SACRED GROUND, or a GRAVEYARD, with strange monuments....

NOW the Moon Folk will have to start on THIS side of the Moon.

How long will they be able to remain HIDDEN from the Naked Eye?

They should be able to fill THIS side up, as well, within the NEXT 50 years...

WHY have we NEVER landed ANYTHING on the Far Side of the Moon?

No, wise guy, it is NOT because a SIGNAL would have a hard time reaching EARTH. The Soviets and the Americans, as well as the JAPANESE, have SEVERAL satellites orbiting the moon that SIGNALS could easily bounce off....


The Far Side is way too POPULATED....

THAT is why....

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