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Isn't it strange what TIME and RELIGION can do to a being?

CRONUS was the TITAN that gave birth to his own DOOM:


He was married to the EARTH/GAIA.

It was foretold that one of CRONUS' children would take his place as overlord of the Gods....

So, Cronus ate his children.

All but one: ZEUS.

Gaia hid ZEUS on CRETE, then fashioned a ROCK in his likeness, which Cronus swallowed in his stead...

When Zeus grew up, GAIA fashioned a SICKLE for him. Zeus used that sickle to lop off his fathers BALLS, castrating him and ending his power.

He was forced to cough up the consumed children....

He was forced to NOW wander the Earth, an emasculated OLD MAN...

De-Powering SICKLE slung over his shoulder.

He was now CHRONUS, the Father of Time, who consumes ALL.......

This is the Far Side of the Moon....

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