Yes, Mars is certainly civilized, it is being covered UP, and MANY INTERNET sites that supposedly seek to enlighten and EXPOSE NASA and ESA'S ongoing cover-up are doing anything BUT....

Of Course, they are IN on the deception, they are likely NASA "paid shills", as someone feels that DTV posters are...

No one that I am aware of gets paid one red cent to post to DTV. That is the BEAUTY of it, why I am so willing to take a chance HERE.

I am trying to SHOW you all something, help you understand to take NOTHING at face value.

Not in THIS life.

BEINGS populate every hunk of ROCK in this Solar System, likely the entire galaxy...

We, on Earth, are FAR, FAR behind them in more than just technology. There is an entire COSMOLOGY that We are just not aware of.

I believe that is the point that Carl Sagan was actually trying to make.

Any FOOL that analyzes this photo of the so-called NEFERTITI area of Mars would have been able to see what I see.

There are entire sites on the internet dedicated to this NEFERTITI photo, MILLIONS of words have been printed.

Yet, they all appear to not have a CLUE, and that, my friends, is IMPOSSIBLE....

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