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Alien Attack Screenshots

Alien Attack Screenshots

  • Uploaded by Reversec on Feb 21, 2012
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This small vid was uploaed by ADG (UK) on youtube. It's scary as hell but nearly impossible to say it`s a 100% Hoax because of the bad quality. I saved this still frames with the best view on the possible Alien or Human with a mask. Notice, it looks like there are 3 fingers at one hand in one frame.
Nearly to the end of the vid , the woman falls to ground and the Alien/Artist catch the womans leg. Right at this moment the vid is over.
Could be there were two Aliens / or Actors because in some images we can see 2 white orb like balls (maybe something is attached on the back , in others not. The proportions of the head, arms and legs look definately human.
Anyway, just some ideas. If nothing new comes out of this case, it was really good acting here.

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