You've got your mother
in a whirl
cause she's
not sure
if you're a boy or a girl.......

Aphrodite got around, OKAY? She was tricked/forced to marry HEPHAETUS, squat, ugly, lame, Volcanic, not-too-fiery-in-the-bed, God of Molten Iron Hephaestus, and she just could not warm up to the guy.

And she WAS incredibly beautiful, so much so that all the male Gods burned with desire for her, so...

She had a fling with MARS.
An understanding with APOLLO.
She was astonished by ADONIS.

Hephaestus soon learned of these dalliances and had various forms of revenge upon his fellow Gods...

But Aphrodite was unrepentant. HERMES was still on her list and she meant to have him.

And have him she did, so much so that she was proud to bear him a son. They named the overly-handsome youth
HERMAPHRODITUS and hid him from the view of the Gods.

Especially ZEUS.....

Hermaphroditus grew up virtually alone on the island of either Corsica or Cypress.

One day, he chanced upon an enchanted pond. A lonely water-nymph named Salmacis was the pond's sole resident, living an isolated existence that spanned hundreds of years. She took one look at Hermaphroditus and fell wildly in love with the boy, though he was no more than 13 or 14 years old.

She tried to entice him closer to the water's edge, but the boy became frightened and ran off.

....only to return a few days later, curious about what had occurred earlier.

Salmacis waited for Hermaphroditus to step close and peer into the water's depths. She sprang up, grabbed him, then prayed to that Gods that they never be apart again....

The jealous and vengeful Gods, now aware that the boy was the result of the illicit union between married Aphrodite and Hermes, answered Salmacis' wish in their perverted manner....

Salmacis and Hermaphroditus became ONE...

Hermaphroditus' mind ruled the new body. In RAGE he cursed the pond so that any male that bathed in it would lose all masculinity.

There must be SOME truth to this myth.
I've had friends that got a girlfriend or got married and soon disappeared ENTIRELY into the woman......

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