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Seeding Rocket Catalog

Seeding Rocket Catalog

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Thank you USER: blackshire Master Modeler

Anti-Hail Rockets

from USER: blackshire Master Modeler

PGR PP-8 and PGR PP-6T (Serbian)

Sky Clear 6 (Russian)

13 Anti-Hail Rocket Suppliers (Italian)

Various models (Chinese)

Alazan 5 (Russian)

Alazan 5 and Alazan 6 (Russian)

"Anti-Hail Rocket" (Chinese, looks suspiciously like one of "Sky's" model rockets)

A6 and A8 (Serbian)

Alazan 9 (Russian)

WR Series (Chinese)

WR-98 Series and WR-1D (Chinese)

Alan-2 (Russian)

Cohete Antigranizo "A Medida" (Argentinian)
developed by Instituto Civil de Tecnología Espacial (ICTE)

KPGR-6 (Serbian)

Also, Shaanxi Zhongtian Rocket Technologies Co., Ltd. (an anti-hail rocket manufacturer that also produces model rockets under the "Sky" name) offers the TK-1 and TK-2 hail-suppression rockets, the TY-3 sounding rocket, and the TY-4 meteorological rocket (see: ). Their TY-3 sounding rocket is particularly interesting as a scale model subject because it has a long, gently-tapered boat-tail, which would give a TY-3 scale model quite low drag.

I hope this information will be useful.

Black Shire--Draft horse in human form, model rocketeer, occasional mystic, and writer, see:
All of my book proceeds go to the Northcote Heavy Horse Centre
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