It's true.

PINK SLIME is not only in the hamburgers you get at fast food places, it is in the stuff you get at your local supermarket, as well.

It has been for many years.

30% of ALL raw hamburger is Pink Slime.

Sterilized DOG FOOD.

Has been for many YEARS.

We have ALL eaten it.

Time to stop purchasing ALL hamburger, wouldn't you say?

The USDA claims that it is SAFE, but that is not the question. You can sterilize POOP and render it harmless.

It is truly a question of MORALS.

Would you have eaten that CRAP if you were given the choice?


Those of you who answered YES, report to the nearest refuse bin at your closest SLAUGHTERHOUSE and see what is no longer THROWN AWAY.....

All you ever see nowadays are FEATHERS.

Soylent Green cannot be too far off....

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