ANOTHER city near the OTHER city on MARS...


There are PEOPLE of every sort out there, on EVERY Planet, Asteroid, and MOON.

WE really don't know ANYTHING.

The first casualty of Extraterrestrial Contact will be SCIENCE.

NASA has not improved one whit since the Apollo Program. They are STILL resting on it's laurels, and that was nearly 50 years ago, if you include the Mercury Program....

Space Science, the art of PROPULSION itself lies wasted. There is no reason anymore to get NOWHERE fast. There is NOWHERE to go.

Except around and around on the same track, like NASCAR...

All of space is populated, at least as far as THIS Solar System goes.

It is the GREAT TRUTH of our lives, though people refuse to believe it.

And, I hate to say it, but HISTORY and TIME are on the side of their being ALIENS everywhere. Just look up. They are not from Parallel Dimensions or The Future as some idiots believe.

They are NOT from Alpha Centauri.

They are CLOSE.

They come and go at WILL. We can do NOTHING to stop them or halt them in any way.

NASA learned they are all about us and that that are FAR, FAR more advanced than we are and space science just STOPPED.

All LOCOMOTIVE science just stopped.

ONLY the JET FIGHTER has improved. You would think that they operate on ANTI-GRAV, to look at them in action....

Just look around you. Even the AUTOMOBILE has never changed in over 100 years.


SCIENCE as a casualty. If NASA does not innovate, if the companies that get their bread and butter from them and their government contracts do not innovate, then WHO will?

We are STUCK on Earth. AFRAID to go anywhere. Gas prices are HIGH on purpose. STAY HOME. Get used to the idea.....

Doesn't the whole FAILURE to inform the public, under the guise of being CONCERNED about the negative effect OFFICIAL confirmation of ALIEN EXISTENCE would have on SOCIETY, ring false AND prove to you that there is already just ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT?

Just how can ALL of them agree that there are NO UFOS, no EXTRATERRESTRIALS, no possibilities of any sort?

They don't want us to PANIC.

No, they don't want us to stop SHOPPING.

They really don't give a hoot about us unless we can sustain their wealth through our labors.

....The CHINESE were about to embark on a grand enterprise into space on the same scale as NASA or what the SOVIETS were capable of at the time, 1962....

They made a grand announcement and embarked on a publicity spree. They even wasted BILLIONS on a Launch Facility.

Then the photos started leaking from the Soviets and NASA, photos that clearly showed people on Mars and on the Moon....

CHINA immediately scrapped their plans and did not revive them again until recently....

Wouldn't it look suspicious if competitive COMMUNIST China did not have a worthy space program in this day and age?

Well, they DO now. And just look closely at the Chang'e 2 stuff for all the proof that you will ever need that people do, at least, live on the Moon...

And now President Obama has pushed back NASA'S plan to put a MAN on MARS by 2020 to sometime in the 2030'S....


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