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You HAVE heard of the Caves of Altamira...?

Prehistoric Cave Drawings...

YES, we have been informed about those.


What about all the WEIRD alien objects that have been found at the location and locked away by the French Museum of Natural History?

Like for instance, the Venus of Laussel....

This was found carved on a block of stone by a physician named J.G LaLanne whilst digging around back in 1911...

This carving has been dated as being at least 25,000 years old, LIKELY far older...

There are THIRTEEN mysterious notches on that upraised Horn of Plenty...

As well as a Y on the female's left leg..

The "Y" chromosome? The fastest evolving part of the Human Genome?

A sign for EVOLUTION dating back over 25,000 years?

Could well be, folks...

We could all be evolved from the Alien Grey, because, as you can see, the Venus of Laussel is in no way HUMAN.

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