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Mater Matuta - Mother Morning

Mater Matuta - Mother Morning

  • Eliakim
  • uploaded: Apr 10, 2012
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The above figure is from the 2nd century, Roman Britain. 'Mater Matuta' means 'Mother Morning'. As we know it is the mother that is awake before dawn to feed her baby direct from the breast.

She was the equivalent to the Greek EOS, in the Vulgate the word EOS appears before ELIACHIM. Homer wrote of her rosy fingers opening the gates of heaven. Rosy fingers are to do with healing. He described her wearing a saffron-colored robe, with flowers upon it. Flowers are also symbolic of vibrational medicine and flower essences.

Does the word "Ushas' remind you of Isaiah? Saffron-colored robes are also associated with the Buddhists. The equivalent in the Hindu text can also be found as 'Ushas'.

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