How to survive doomsday in 2012?

How to survive doomsday in 2012?

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At the end of 2012, an all-destroying pole shift is waiting for us, one of the thousands that have already taken place in the history of the earth. However, this time it will be completely different. Because our ancestors from a distant past had calcul...

At the end of 2012, an all-destroying pole shift is waiting for us, one of the thousands that have already taken place in the history of the earth. However, this time it will be completely different. Because our ancestors from a distant past had calculated in advance the previous one and escaped with their knowledge; we are now living in a highly-advanced civilization that will be turned into dust in 2012.

Unless, of course, we take the necessary measures beforehand.

With this website, I want to prepare the biggest rescue operation ever. Someone has to take the responsibility to prepare for the total destruction of civilization as we know it, and plan for the continuation and restoration of the knowledges and standards that we know now. I have taken that decision to be the responsible person.

A couple of years before 2012, the survival strategy as outlined in "How To Survive 2012?" will be published on this website. However, you have to take into account that you will need at least 10,000 euros to have a reasonable chance for survival; 15,000 euros is a more realistic amount. You will need this money to buy the following:

* Enough survival material
* Food for at least a year
* Seeds of vegetables, grains, rice and seed-potatoes
* Essential equipment to start a mini-civilization
* Books

Furthermore, part of this money will be used for building bunkers.
This deserves some explanation.

Our place of survival will be in the Drakensberg mountains in Southern Africa. As we will be in high mountains, we will be tormented by super storms as well as by intense solar radiation. The only way to survive is to live in concrete bunkers or in pits with good shored-up walls. Only small quantities of iron can be used in the construction because it attracts thunderbolts. We will probably have to plead forcefully with the authorities in order to get the necessary permits.

In order to withstand the tidal wave we will have to be at least three kilometers above the current sea level. I wish the central group to be located in the most suitable place, in order to create a stable bridgehead. From that point, civilization can be restarted.

Who wants to chart the best places in these mountains?


Several persons have asked me if it would be wise to build bunkers in Europe. Except for the high mountains of Spain and Turkey, I do not think other places would be suitable. In the lower lands bunkers would have to withstand super earthquakes. One crack is sufficient to succumb to the immense tidal wave. The pressure of a tidal wave one kilometer high is phenomenal. Besides, it is possible that a lot of places will be flooded for days, so you will suffocate quickly. Finally, you need to know that after the pole shift the biggest part of Europe will be bitterly cold.

America and South America

As described comprehensively in "How To Survive 2012?", the chance to survive here is very small. The reason is that the earthâ??s axis in these parts of the world will undergo the biggest shift, resulting in phenomenal earthquakes and volcanic outbursts. So we will encounter a real doomsday scenario here.

Other survival places

Unfortunately, you need money in order to survive. Without money there is little chance of survival. If this is your case, you will find in this website a list of other possible survival places. You can go there before the cataclysm. Of course your survival chance will be a lot smaller than that of the well-organized group. But it is always better than doing nothing.

Understand that it would be impossible to enter our central group if you have few materials or none at all. The situation during and after the cataclysm will be so precarious, that we wonâ??t be able to provide for other survivors. We will hardly be self-sufficient! Please take that as definite! Do not have any illusions! Without your own effort your chances of survival are terribly small!


Depending on the magnitude of the earthâ??s crust shift, several starting places for a new civilization will be pointed out in advance. Should you want to go there, you need to be able to interpret charts in order to determine the latitude on earth. You can find this information in "The Golden Thread of Time" by Chrichton E. M. Miller. This book is a must for all of you who want to survive!

Unsinkable boats

Special attention will be given to surviving the tidal wave with the help of unsinkable boats. These boats are very expensive and only a group of people could afford to pay for one.

If we are able to convince some of the present and future owners to co-operate, thousands of people will certainly survive. Count for yourself: 6,000 boats in total were built in 2002. In 2012 there will be about 10,000. If we are allowed to use a quarter of them, i.e. 2,500, with an average of 4 persons aboard, then about 10,000 people would be able to escape from the tidal wave. That is more than enough to start a new civilization.

Much will depend on the co-operation of ETAP in order to get the addresses of the boat owners. Furthermore, boat owners will have to be convinced to participate. Most of them will possibly make an effort to survive and will be in their boats on the ocean on that particular date. In case they are not interested, we could possibly borrow their boats. I am counting on some captains who will motivate their colleagues to be a part of this plan. Without any doubt, this is the most likely way to survive.

The survivors of 2012

With this website, I want to start off the biggest survival and restoration operation ever. Few will believe what is ahead of us. However, I sorely need every man or woman who does believe it. A lot depends on the right attitude and motivation of those who want to survive. The stronger your desire to survive, the greater your chances of survival. Letâ??s join our efforts and strive for a better world, which is our final objective.

In the cataclysm of the pole shift in 2012, all existing structures and services will be destroyed. There is the strong possibility that most of humanity will also die. I therefore need a lot of people who also want to survive to work with us on the rescue operation following the pole shift. Do not underestimate what awaits us, because we have quite a lot to do. I do not need people who are eager to do something, but do not know what. If you have read my books intently, it will not be too difficult to focus on some aspect of surviving 2012.
For instance:

* The most efficient survival material
* Essential equipment to start a mini civilization
* Mountain bikes and motor cycles for the transport
* Food
* Seeds of vegetables, grains and rice. Seed-potatoes
* Unsinkable boats
* Mini library with books about:
* Principles of mathematics (algebra, space-geometry, and so on)
* Elementary physics
* Elementary chemistry (general and carbon chemistry)
* Basic electricity
* Basic electronics
* Basics of anesthesia, equipment and methods
* Basics of dentistry and necessary material
* Biological growing of vegetables and fruit
* Basics of architecture/building (raw materials to make cement, and so on)
* The production of paper and ink
* The production of glass
* The production of soaps
* Alloys
* Plastics
* Treatment and manufacturing of leather and other natural products
* Pottery
* Simple looms and sewing machines
* Cooling installations
* The production of bio-diesel for diesel engines
* The construction of fuel engines
* The measurement of radioactivity
* Radio and telephone equipment
* Wooden abacuses
* Windmills for the production of electricity
* Detailed maps of the whole world
* Maps to locate minerals, oils and so on
* Accurate mechanical clocks
* Lenses and corrective optometry for glasses
* Paints and coatings
* Welding techniques
* Blueprint for building boats
* Musical instruments and library with musical compositions
* Ammunition powder and explosives

The above-mentioned items are essential; and a new civilization can be re-constructed from them. If you find other important items, you can always bring the corresponding works about them. However, as we can just transport a somewhat restricted quantity, I strongly advise you to restrict yourself to the most essential information. Only in that way can we save our scientific knowledge, and pass it on to our descendants in a distant and insecure future.


We, the survivors of 2012, will be able to compensate for the mistakes that have been made, like those in the area of ecology. You, a follower of an ecological wisdom paradigm, can associate with this for sure. You will have at your disposal an ambitious construction project together with all the relevant scientific information. As a result of that, a paradise-like civilization can rule on earth within a few hundreds to thousands of years.

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