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daylight view of something strange

daylight view of something strange

  • Lowmank
  • uploaded: Jan 4, 2009
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I saw something weird the other night uploading this to help visualize it. It was the night of the Moon, Jupiter and Venus alignment. I remember missing it. At first I thought it was planet at first, it looked like what Venus looks like when people mistake it for a UFO. That\'s what I thought it was at first. Then I realized that I had already seen it that night and the formation was to the SW this was NW. It was yellow and twinkling, bigger than a planet and stationary. I looked it while I smoked a cig and it started to fade out looking more like a normal star. Right before it vanished, the was a large dome of yellow light that bubbled up from the mesa to the east and below it. Then then it was gone. To give you an idea of where it was I guess the closest Google Earth feature would be Kilborne Hole found here:

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