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HTV circle

HTV circle

  • Uploaded by Eaganthorn on May 10, 2009
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crop art by circle makers
In late July 2001 circlemakers John Lundberg, Rod Dickinson and Wil Russell created a complex 240ft crop circle formation that was commissioned by broadcaster HTV West for their 30 minute television documentary about the crop circle phenomenon. The formation took approximately 4 hours to construct under cover of darkness and was located in the Beckhampton area, in the shadow of Silbury Hill. The formation consists of eight fold geometry and is certainly amongst the most complex formations to appear in the 2001 season, spanning 240ft and consisting of 178 individual standing and flattened elements. Because of the delicate nature of the design there was very little room for error in the surveying of the formation. Try drawing the formation on paper with a compass and you'll see what I mean, let alone marking it out in a wheat field in the dead of night with the design blown up to span 240ft! Below are six diagrams showing the surveying at various stages:

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