Crop circle creation on film

Crop circle creation on film

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As early as the middle of April, this year, crop circles have been cropping up (or crops down) all over Wiltshire.
Beacon Hill at Oliver's Castle North of Devizes

First crop circle at Beacon Hill, Oliver's Castle

In fact, to date, there have been 37 crop formations making their mark on wheat, barley and oilseed rape fields up and down the county.
Wiltshire's bumper crop circle year

The first of the season, a massive 333ft wide striped ball effect circle, manifested itself in the middle of April in oilseed rape on top of Beacon Hill at Oliver's Castle North of Devizes
Crop circle from Pewsey Vale walk â?? Bernard Binns

Crop circle from Pewsey Vale walk â?? Bernard Binns

Since than a starfish-shaped formation has made an appearance in a barley field near Furze Knoll, a 200ft wide four-fold geometrical design has flattened yet more barley near Wexcombe Down, a series of co-centric circles has squashed more barley at Winterbourne Monkton and the last, but by no means least elaborate, string of beads design has been found near Avebury and that was just May.

In June the crop of crop circles hit 11 and that's not counting the formation that mysteriously appeared overnight in a field between Beckhampton and Cherhill that bore more then a passing resemblance to the disability charity Scope's logo. And, uncannily, appeared just in time for Scope's Time to Get Equal Week.
Scope Crop Circle

Scope Crop Circle

However in July, despite conditions being less then crop friendly, Wiltshire has seen a bumper crop of crop circles... 14 at the last count. The most interesting though has to be an elaborate formation that 'sucked down' crops on both sides of a hill in the enormous East Field, near Alton Barnes.
Crop circle creation on film

Over 1,000 ft long and 520 ft wide, and boasting over 90 separate circles within the formation and 60 without, the mega crop formation, made its appearance in pitch darkness in the early hours of the windy, damp and overcast Saturday morning of 7/7/07.

Dedicated UFO hunter and cameraman Winston Keech takes up the story:

"This is the most spectacular formation to have occurred in Wiltshire for many years. It's flattened area is over 95,000 sq ft or roughly 2,25 acres.
East Field © 2007 by Win Keech

East Field © 2007 by Win Keech

"But what is most remarkable is that it is absolutely known to have been formed within 1 hour 45 minutes and that it was filmed forming by five separate cameras (including infra red CCTV) and in the presence of three witnesses which is unprecedented.

"To the naked eye, observers saw only a white flash similar to sheet lightning at 3:13am. But the ultra low light CCTV camera, pointed at the field, saw considerably more.

"Viewing the lighting enhanced video, over the following seven minutes, the circle would seem (even allowing for changing lighting conditions over that period) to develop into the full formation in front of the camera."
Watch exclusive footage

So was the circle, as Win suggests, "not present before the flash"? well you can make up your own mind...

Check out the exclusive extract of Win's one minute per second frame grab animation below:

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