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Rrmmii Repost Of Moon Spot

Rrmmii Repost Of Moon Spot

  • Uploaded by Loneqqwolf on Sep 16, 2007
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Staying up late after working 12 hours ones mind at my age either wanders or forgets what it is doing.So Rrmmii mailed me and said he did'nt see anything and I checked and I guess not as I had posted his photo :( and so now you have my findings on his photo.My tools like me are old and still using Photo Shop 3.0 but it works wonders for me as with this photo,I used a Trace Contour tool and what it does is,you highlight the area you want and it will well go down the shaft or into an object and give details as to what it finds on way down.These are the bottom of the scale.As with most holes or even a crater the lines or figures it shows are all swirly is best as I can describe it,the bottom here has straight lines,so as I always say here its up to you for how you interpet my finds.Wolf

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