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Paris UFO Video

Paris UFO Video

  • Uploaded by Loneqqwolf on Sep 19, 2007
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A friend asked me to watch this video and see what I thought of it.Interesting for sure,but a sloppy job in the making.Of course this is only my opinion.I saw that a basket or weight was hanging at bottom at start of video and as it flys over this object is missing.An object is flying over top and it is a helicopter as every now and then you can see the blades flashing.Trace Contour shows heat signature around the well balloon,nice one also a hot air balloon.At end of video you can see helio blades flashing and rope ends that held on what ever it was that was on at video start.Got a video or photo you want me to look at then please leave a comment and I will have a look and post what I find.Always hungry Wolf.

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