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The above discovery site, to the best of my knowledge, was first reported by Stewart C. Best with the primary piece of evidence in his reporting being what Best identifies as a "mining or manufacturing" facility pointed out with the yellow arrow in the above first image providing a wider area view of the site. Best also refers to this site as "Tithonia City" and "The case for absolute artificiality" as well as "Absolute proof of alien artificiality on Mars." His reporting can be found at the links below.


Best did a lot of good analytical visual work supporting this one piece of Mars evidence he found and he apparently promoted it for commercial purposes as well. Apparently, because of his promotion, his presentation of this site has been picked up by other Internet presence's and has achieved increased exposure. This has in turn resulted in a number of viewers asking me via e-mail what I thought of this evidence. I try to answer truthfully but to do so always requires a lot of detailed and time consuming but still inadequate explanations. Therefore, I've finally decided cover the subject in this report.

Follow-up investigation that stymied many viewers resulting in e-mails to me was the fact that Best was a little reluctant in his main reporting at the first two links above to readily identify the original official MGS MOC M02-01270 image up front that he drew his evidence from. This may have been because he may have been trying to protect his being able to capitalize on this one discovery of his commercially? In any case, as many of you know, this is the opposite of how my reporting works where I not only link to the official documentation for confirmation and verification of the evidence purposes, I encourage it.

However, this did not present a problem for me because I had also discovered this site earlier in midyear 2000 but held off and debated with myself reporting on it for two reasons. First, this evidence is deep down in the far west end of the great deep rift system on Mars in an area known as Tithonium Chasma and because of that it is further from the camera with a more distant view. This in turn normally hurts resolution a little. Added to that is that this strip and its contents are the recipient of considerable image tampering including artificially degrading resolution and pixelation problems as well as direct terrain carpeting applications. All this makes the view of the evidence difficult relative to some other better sites I've reported on. Second, although some of this evidence is fairly plain to me, it was my opinion, especially in the first years of my involvement in this work, that too many would regard it as marginal and have trouble recognizing it.

So I kept putting it aside debating reporting on it and then Best found it and reported on it putting an end (I thought) to any involvement in it by me. The discovery is legitimate and Best's work on it was good enough that I didn't want to rain on his parade but there were also some technical problems with his development of the evidence that I would have had to comment on to. Let me say that I can confirm that this evidence is real in the official science data and that it does appear to in general represent civilization evidence. Therefore, I support Stewart Best's basic conclusions in this regard. My caution is only in some technical details as you will see below.

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