The last one was too long and too heavy, so this time a short story called:

"HOW THEY GOT THE WOMEN TO WORK" or "DRILL ENVY"-for no real reason at all, just goes with the picture...


Big Industry, in the form of a Shoe Factory, invaded a small Pacific Isle and immediately set about looking for male workers. They promised high pay and moderate hours, health plan of sorts, job security, raises; in short, THE DREAM JOB, because ALL the men of the island were notoriously anti-employment; working, toiling, sweating laboring, lifting, digging, building-activities of these sorts just were
not inherent in the lives of these

And not one representative of the company could put a cogent argument together that could persuade these men otherwise.

The entire venture was in danger of failing.

...Until one middle-manager came up with the genius idea of hiring the women. And the women took the bait.
And the women worked like gangbusters.
And the factory sang and the shoes practically roared out the door under their own head of steam.

And all was well.

Until the women got their first paychecks. See, they made enough moolah in their first two weeks to see them through financially for the next two years or so by island standards.

Why return to work? Thank you but no, we have made more than enough and are not greedy. We don't need the money.

The Manager/Foreman, that once middle-manager, was forlorn. No amount of enticement, no blandishments about future raises and elevation in status
could sway these women.

The men chased him down the beach once and for all, sticks raised high.

Then that damn genius of LABOR hit upon an idea so devious, so simple, so devoid of shame and reeking of simple evil that it is still talked about to this day. I'm telling you about it now, and this happened in the forties.

As a parting gift, he gave to each and every departing seamstress a SEARS and ROEBUCK CATALOG (that's a portable ONLINE store to you youngsters out there).

The women were eagerly back at work the following Monday....

The Manager was made Governor of the

And the men grew to LOVE being home ALONE all day.

And sometimes Nights and Weekends....

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