Iosef or JOSEPH SHKLOVSKIY. One of the Architects of the future in which we currently reside. Eminent Russian Scientist and Critical Thinker. At the time of the photo considered to be the most intelligent man in Russia.

He was asked/instructed to apply his mind to this problem:

WHY WAS the orbit of PHOBOS decaying?
At the time, the 1950's, PHOBOS was referred to as "DOOMED" PHOBOS. It would at some time soon crash into MARS and no other scientist on Earth could reasonable ascertain why.

So Iosef was handed the problem. He
determined that DEIMOS and PHOBOS were
artificial constructs with surface material no more than six meters or so thick. He stated that the MARTIANS themselves constructed BOTH as atmospheric cleansers of sorts, able
to absorb the vast amount of harmful
radiation that constantly bombarded the surface of MARS. This super-intelligent HUMAN being was absolutely
convinced that there was intelligent
life on MARS!

He convinced PRESIDENT EISENHOWER'S top people too. And they were all roundly ridiculed, of course.

PHOBOS' orbit mysteriously self-corrected not long afterward.

Russia sent two probes to determine why. The first disappeared as soon as it arrived.

The second, sent years later, 1988 or 89 or so, also disappeared as soon as it was in position to take photos.

It sent one photo back before it stopped transmitting:

A fifteen mile long SPACECRAFT of some sort.

...That the Russian are absolutely convinced SHOT DOWN THE PROBE.

I live for the future. The STAR TREK
future. It should be quite interesting.

If we can just cast off these chains and get our asses with the PROGRAM!

...OH, YEAH: SHKLOVSKIY also stated that we may see control towers of some sort on the surface of PHOBOS!

You've just seen them.

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