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The aim of Webe is to help promote cooperation and friendship between the Ufology / Exopolitical websites / organisations and foster an atmosphere of friendship between us all. It is our firm belief that if we could become a unified group it would probably hasten the day of full disclosure of the existence of life on other planets and of them visiting us. To this end, we would like to invite all to contact us, if they would like to place a link to their web site or blog, or if you would like to see a link to a favourite site placed on our main website please email us. Webeufobelievers is a non-commercial group. We will never have ads of a commercial nature or promote anything for money. Whatever we do will be dedicated to gaining a better understanding of this subject, and advocating cooperation between the different groups of ufology / Exopolitical and the UFO phenomenon. Thank you. Email to :

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