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The Third Secret of Fatima Revealed :: Pt.10/11

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Fatima Secrets
Catholic priest, Fr. Nicholas Gruner of the Fatima Center discussed his research into the Third Secret of Fatima. He declared the alleged visitation by the Virgin Mary in 1917, and her message imparted to three young children, to be "the definitive revelation of our time."

Based on his research, he said that it is a misperception that the Virgin Mary bestowed three separate secrets. Instead, he claimed that the message is a sequential series of events with the infamous "third secret" being the conclusion. Detailing new information which suggests that the "official release" of the third secret by the Vatican in 2000 was actually incomplete, Gruner revealed that when Sister Lucia wrote down that portion of the prophecy, she divided it into two parts. "One is the words of 'Our Lady' and one is the vision," he said. According to him, the Catholic Church only released the description of the vision and not the words spoken by Mary.

Gruner talked at length about the suspicious treatment of the longest living survivor of the Fatima visitation, Sister Lucia, who died in 2005, nearly 90 years after the event. He asserted that "no other nun in the history of the Church has been so closely controlled as to who she saw." As evidence of this, he pointed out that she was not allowed to conduct any public interviews after 1957. He also cited testimony from Lucia's own sister, who said that the famous nun was never allowed any private time with visitors and could only speak with close family members.

Advising people on what to do if they want the third secret to be truly revealed, Gruner said they should pray, inform themselves of the Fatima story, and contact the Vatican, via the Pope's email address: benedictxvi@vatican.va , to ask for them to release the complete message. He was optimistic that the third secret would be revealed in the not too distant future, theorizing it could be as early as a few months from now or as far out as three years.
Thursday October 9th, 2008
Host: George Noory

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    Vril1 October 11, 2008 9:20:37 PM CEST

    Sorry it just went up to 2stars!

  • Vril1#

    Vril1 October 11, 2008 9:00:54 PM CEST

    Hi again. This is a very interesting video of the Coast to Coast radioprogram about the "Secret of Fatima" - So I cannot understand somebody just will give it 1star rating! Even if you are a God-believer or non-religious! The program itself are a good professional workmanship! So I gave it 5-stars, but sadly it just raised it to 3-stars. But hope others will have the same idea! :)

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