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U.S. Army prepares to invade U.S.

  • Isotrop
  • uploaded: Oct 12, 2008
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  • Eeeeeee#

    Eeeeeee February 16, 2011 7:56:14 PM CET

    Scary...How Can The People Be So A Sleep. Proof That NWO Mind Control Works. Just Like In Nazi Germany.

  • Hoser5#

    Hoser5 October 13, 2008 12:40:49 AM CEST

    Yes, but, apparently, even THEY don't have access to the totality of the documents they need. "TRUST US?!" Indeed.

  • Skeptik#

    Skeptik October 12, 2008 8:07:19 PM CEST

    This is worrying. Homeland Security sounds pretty much like Fatherland Security, a policy from Nazi Germany. It too was voted through on grounds of "patriotism".

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