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I can't even begin to describe the things this man says about Barack Obama.

He says he is going to do everything in his power to stop this piece of white trash from being elected... HIS words... NOT mine!!

As I said... this video is truly amazing...

Says the minister:

"He's not black!! Don't vote for him... he's not BLACK!!"

He asks why Barack's grandmother never shows up at any of Barack's meetings.

He asks, "How could Barack write two books and not mention his mother ONCE?"

Here's some more of the things this mkinister says:

"How could he dedicate an entire book to a father he never knew?"

"I'm standing for Jesus!! I'm standing for Christman, I'm standing for my saviour!!

I've NEVER seen such ignorance and foolishness...

"'he's got a good program...' shut up nigger...

"'he's got a good program...' shut your mouth... you just a dumb nigger saying something you heard another nigger say!!"

"'I'm not voting for him because he's black... he's got the best program!!' - I don't even what to look at you... you black fool!!"

"You might be able to manipulate these niggers, but here's one man of God that's not going for it!!"

"This man is dangerous... dangerous..."

"How can you be so stupid as to even entertain supporting a man like that?"

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