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First 2012 UFO in Wiltshire, UK

  • Uploaded by Arvy777 on Apr 20, 2012
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30/03/2012 noon I was walking down from Tan Hill towards West Kennet where I saw this bright object at around 600 to 700 metres in the valley below.
This object was getting brighter or dimer and was gradually moving around in the field. At the time I only thought this was a farmer wearing white clothe while working.

Lighting conditions wore between thin clouds and light fog, and was qua-it difficult to understand this object from grater distance. I puled my camera out and start filming. When I looked at my camera monitor I could barely see anything including farm building. My eyes went back in to the field where I saw this object melted out from my view. I switched my camera off and paying little attention to the event I continued my journey.
I have recognised object unique shape only after I uploaded video footage on to computer.

I uploaded part of my video (HD) on youtube:

Best wishes,

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