Alien Visitation- The Astronauts of the Past Pt.1

  • Uploaded by Dmtshaman on Oct 20, 2008
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This is an amazing program that explains the history of Alien Visitation to our beautiful Planet Earth. It provides great information including ancient rock carvings, sculptures, and art. There are rock carvings discussed in the times of the Dinosaurs and also in other existing time periods where it would be impossible for any living being at that time to know about the existence of Extraterrestrials. Ancient Civilizations all across the World have remnants of such alien visitations. The Nazca Lines in Peru are thought to be landing strips for extraterrestrial vehicles. They can only be viewed from high in the sky and not while on the ground. The feat of making them would have been impossible for mankind at the time period when they were created.

It also details art from the Biblical time period and also in the lifetime of Jesus Christ. This is all about the theory and TRUTH of the "Ancient Extraterrestrial Astronauts."

Please visit and support the wonderful website that put a valiant effort into bringing this knowledge into the public's eye:

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