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The Egyptian Pyramids - An Extraterrestrial Design

Watch this video and learn what kind of amazing secret is hidden within the ancient building plan which was projected on the Giza plateau. This connection with the Tharsis Montes volcanoes is not recognized in modern science yet, but the facts speak for themselfs. Nexus Astronomy discovered this breathtaking connection and we hope that we can create more awareness and enthusiasm all over the world for people young and old to figure out more hidden messages within this blueprint and other ancient structures found on the Earth that connect to planet Mars. This clearly is a testimony of Extraterrestrial knowledge existing in the timeline of the Ancient Egyptians. Remember on the otherhand,.. the builders were not the designers. So whom ever created the blueprint by which the Giza Pyramids were eventually build had advanced knowledge of the surface structure Mars which could never have been seen from the Earth by telescopes. Only spacetravel can provide such information,. which does make you think what happend 5000 years ago about which we do not know anything about yet.

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