Colin Powell: Country First

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Colin Powell made a costly and highly regrettable mistake by standing in front of the UN and lending his name in support of a fraudulent pretext for a war of conquest. He should have refused, but he didn't. He should be held accountable for that for the rest of his life.
Powell is fundamentally a military man, and I think that (not hawkishness but a broad conception of loyalty and duty) is what led him to put his name on that ridiculously contrived UN presentation. Since the request for UN authorization for the invasion was ultimately withdrawn anyway, you've got to stretch pretty far up to hang the war on Colin Powell's shoulders.
However statements like this show he is repentant (even if this is futile in the eyes of many). He is the first political figure of any notoriety to actually come right out and ask the obvious question: SO WHAT IF HE IS MUSLIM?

I know that many of us here at Disclose.TV have been asking this question for a very long time. It's about time that someone public asks it.
Powell shows us that you can be a republican AND be thoughtful, eloquent, respectful, and not filled with hate.

Here is the photo Colin Powell was referring to on Meet the Press

Full Video - Colin Powell endorses Barack Obama

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