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Star Trek the Cage

  • Stargods
  • uploaded: Apr 23, 2012
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  • Spikey#

    Spikey April 27, 2012 11:54:33 PM CEST

    Well..if this represents how the 'Archons' control humanity...a true representation of it, then i'd like to help them.

    Not because i think i'll gain anything from helping, but i would be helping a sentient race of beings survive.

    What more could you want out of our megre existence than the knowledge that your participation and aid ensured the survival of a an entire species? Apart from passing on and ensuring the survival and proliferation of our own genes, i don't think there's much else that would come close.

    I think you've shot yourself in the foot, if you intended the viewer to condenm the Archons, if this is similar to their predicament....most rational humans, given the facts would endevour to help them, not vilify them.

  • Marcydare#

    Marcydare April 25, 2012 6:45:35 AM CEST

    Yea, this copyright shit sucks man.

  • Eddievert#

    Eddievert April 24, 2012 8:35:20 PM CEST

    and so i cant see any off these video s it sucks men!!!!

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