New MoD Files: HUNDREDS of Sightings

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HUNDREDS of sightings of unidentified flying

objects are made public today - including police

reports of a flying saucer near Manchester.

The National Archives are inviting UFO hunters to

delve into Ministry of Defence files, many of them

kept under wraps for years.

There are sightings all over the country including

one in 1986 when police, travelling on a moorland

road between Greater Manchester and West Yorkshire

spotted an `illuminated unidentified object'. They

told the MoD in an official police report: "This

took the form of a continuous but intermittent

yellow/red light of a uniform roundish shape. There

was no sound or smell coming from it, it was at

about 20 degrees on the horizon hovering, but

moving slightly in all directions from its axis."

They claimed that it remained for about 20 minutes

and could be clearly seen. The weather was fine and

dry and there was good visibility.

Manchester Airport air traffic control was

contacted at the time and they reported that no

planes were flying in their control area.

Other sightings include a UFO which apparently

almost collided with an airliner flying towards


Dr David Clarke, a UFO expert, says the files

contain everything from close encounters between

aircraft and unexplained objects to stories from

members of the public who believe they were in

contact with ETs, extra-terrestrials.

Dr Clarke said: "Making the material available to

all those who have an interest in this subject

means that everyone, expert or amateur, can make an

informed decision on the mystery of UFOs."

The first reports of `flying saucers' were in 1947

in Washington when a private pilot, Kenneth Arnold,

reported seeing nine strange objects that moved at

tremendous speed across the sky.

His sighting triggered a wave of similar reports.

The UFO has become a synonym for an alien

spaceship, but for the military forces of the world

it refers to something in the sky the observer can

see but does not recognise.

Dr Clarke said: "In the vast majority of cases,

investigations have discovered ordinary

explanations for UFO reports such as bright stars

and planets, meteors, artificial satellites,

balloons, aircraft seen from unusual angles and

space junk burning up in the atmosphere.

"But there are some cases where no common

explanation can be found."

"It seems disclosure is getting much closer Guys"

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