BookRev-19Four Religious Communities of India:Hindu, Sikh, Khalsa and Nirmallae Sant -11.

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BookRev-19Four Religious Communities of India:Hindu, Sikh, Khalsa and Nirmallae Sant -11. DEDICATION OF THE SACRAMENTAL FOOD:- This is related to the type of worship in different communities. Thus, in the first community of Hindus for flesh or ASTHOOL ROOP, sons of Man, there is the worship of the statues of demiurge gods and goddesses as in flesh, we have male and female; therefore, the sacramental food is distributed after dedication to the statues -- MOORTI BHAINTT.

In the second community of Sikhs, there is the worship of Gospel or SHABD; therefore, the sacramental food is to be distributed after dedication to SHABD, "His Word" and not to the mini-sword of SHAKTI MARAG as it is prevalent to-day. That is, after rendering exposition of the Sayings of Christs -- SHABD BHAINTT.

In the third community of Khalsas, there is the worship of fighting "weapons"; therefore, the sacramental food is to be distributed after dedication to weapons especially the sword (KIRPAAN)- KIRPAAN BHAINTT.

In the fourth community of Apostles, there is a pondering over the Gospel (BRAHM VICHAAR) in order to solve the religious problems; therefore, the sacramental food is to be distributed after dedication to the exposition of Gospel or ALHAAM -- DHUR KI BAANI BHAINTT.

Finally, the salutation of the Hindus is "JAI HO" (that you win in your secular mission), of the Sikhs is PARNAAM (I humbly honour you), of the Khalsas is SAT SRI AKAAL, BOLAE SO NIHAAL (Gospel is of the immortal AKAAL PURAKH and whosoever proclaims the Gospel may prosper in his life) and of the NIRMALLAE SANTS is NAMASKAAR (I have killed my "ego" of flesh through humbleness and perceive the Face of God in all the living beings).

WHY THE PRESENT MUDDLE:- Those who are sensible should know that when SATGURU TEGH BAHADUR JI was to appear in the village Bakaala, then twenty two MUNN MUKH SODHI Khatris posed themselves as SATGURUS to the devote Sikh Labhu Shah of Lubana tribe. Even after the outdooring of TRUE SATGURU TEGH BAHADUR JI, the imposters did not run away but even tried to kill Him. And when SATGURU TEGH BAHADUR JI went to Amritsar to pay His Homage to SATGURU NANAK DEVJI at HARMANDIR SAHIB, the greedy MUNN MUKH SODHI Khatris again locked themselves inside the HARMANDIR SAHIB and they won't open the doors for Him to pay homage.

All these matters point to the fact that even when the Rightful Owner of the House of SATGURU NANAK DEV JI was still alive, the greedy SODHI Khatris had occupied the House by force in order to make a business out of it as the greedy Prithi Chand had tried in the times of SATGURU RAM DASS JI.

Further, it were the same satanic Khatris who were responsible for the torture to death of SATGURU ARJUN DEV JI at Lahore and the bricking into the wall alive the two infant sons of Royal King GOBIND SINGH JI at Sirhand -- Sucha Nand, a Puri Khatri.

Why the people of Khatri tribe behaved so? It will become clear on understanding the fact that in the TRETA YUG they were highly learned Angelic people (DEVTAS) who in the KAL YUG were to become the opposite, the stubborn and clever sons of Satan. So, the Spiritual Doctors, SATGURUS, had to appear among these spiritually sick satanic Khatris who were much worse than the spiritually sick satanic people of the Judah tribe among whom Christ Jesus appeared. Therefore, the satan Judas Iscariot, a Prince, was nothing as compared with those satanic Khatris, Kings and Emperors of Darkness, who are still very active. Whilst in the DOAAPAR YUG, the Yadavs (Jatts form a major portion of them) were simpletons that in KAL YUG they became the staunch supporters of SATGURUS and especially of the Royal Kings HARGOBIND JI and GOBIND SINGH JI.

It may be worthwhile to apply the above principle to the present situation in Sri Lanka and Kashmir. In the Sri Lanka, King Ravan used to be the world renown Pandit and he had excellent law and order in the country i.e. Lanka used to be a "Kingdom of Heaven" but to-day, the opposite in that it has the worst law and order in the world making the place a perfect "hell". No wonder to-day Lanka is called Sri Lanka!!!

Remembering that the courtesy title "SRI OR SHRI" is either for the Prophets or BRAHM ROOPS or for the eunuchs of SHANKAR VARN who are nothing else but the bastards, not born of the prostitutes, but the self-made.

Similarly, the Kashmiri Sarsuts used to be known as "GURU BRAHMAN" but to-day the opposite they are the "GURU SONS OF SATAN" especially the one who became the so-called Muslims. But the people of Khatri tribe always surpassed the people of tribes devoted to the BRAHMAN VARN so much so that it was a proverb, "PUTT JAMAN KHATRANIAN KOI KOI BAHMANIAN" i.e. the sons of Khatris are far superior in religious knowledge than the people of tribes doing the work of BRAHMAN VARN.

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