BookRev-19Four Religious Communities of India:Hindu, Sikh, Khalsa and Nirmallae Sant -12.

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BookRev-19Four Religious Communities of India:Hindu, Sikh, Khalsa and Nirmallae Sant -12. Thus, the political situation in the Kashmir Valley shall be worse than that in Sri Lanka for it is the home of the Emperor satanic Sarsuts and Khatris. Further, the Gaur Brahmans of Kurukhshetar were known as the "ADI-GAURS" but to-day, they are the most ignorant Brahmans of all.

Now, the HARMANDIR SAHIB is supposed to be the monument of humility but to-day you find it having expensive gold plated domes, priceless artefacts, etc. all to the foolishness of the Jatt King Ranjit (Singh) Sandhu. Instead of a humble HARMANDIR, it was changed by the MUNN MUKH so-called GYANIS into a showpiece similar to the Hindu temple of JAGAN NATH so that the people could visit the place just to admire its decorative beauty -- Fig Tree bearing no Fruit but beautiful leaves to admire, but not to learn some lessons in humility.

In fact, at the times of King Ranjit (Singh) Sandhu, a musician of HARMANDIR SAHIB in the name of Bhai Mansa Ji set a good example of humility, dedication and contentment by distributing the money donated to him among the poor whilst the MUNN MUKH Sodhi Khatri Sant Singh, the so-called Gyani gathered wealth, lived like a king and got the most expensive decorations from Ranjit Sandhu for making money out of the pilgrims. To-day, the same trend could also be observed in the other gurudwaras such as Bangla Sahib in New Delhi, which is almost all marble that is not comfortable to walk on either in the winter or in the summer.

Further, the idea of land attached to the HARMANDIR SAHIB was rejected by the SATGURUS but the most foolish Jatt King Ranjit Sandhu attached land to it for the MUNN MUKH Gyanis to flourish. In a nutshell, King Ranjit Sandhu helped the MUNN MUKH Sodhis and others to turn the humble Gurudwaras into the dens of Mammon worshippers. No wonder the people learn nothing from such places than become the fanatics or get themselves fleeced!!!!

Now, I happened to visit Faridkot in the Panjab and was extremely happy to notice the great humility of the Gurudwara in the memory of Saint Bhai Faridji that is situated next to the castle but I was equally sad to see its beauty being marred by a sword placed in the front of GURU AD-GRANTH SAHIB JI, which was not compatible with the Preaching of Bhai Faridji or any other BHAGATS in that if someone hits you, do not retaliate. Also, sword is the weapon of SHAKTI and not of the BHAGTI MARAG.

I do not need to go deep into the activities of Mammon worshippers as this short article is a tip of the knowledge that is best learnt through lively hear-to-heart discussions. Finally, remember that all the people of either the Khatri or the Judah tribe are not the sons of Satan but among them are some people of knowledge far superior to any other people and, therefore, they are the best people to fight these sons of Satan.

RECOMMENDATIONS:- Now, what steps should be taken to put the matter right? Some of these are:-

1. Let the NIRMALLAE SANTS take the control of their AKAAL TAKHT SAHIB with the help of either the government or some TATT Khalsas. Thus, the government should ban the carrying of weapons into the HARMANDIR SAHIB and the Gurudwaras.

2. All the land, pilgrim alluring artefacts, the gold on the domes, etc. should be sold to return the beauty of HARMANDIR SAHIB in simplicity and humility. The money so raised and already in cash should be spent to feed the hungry in the different parts of the country and even abroad.

3. There should be no more fleecing of the pilgrims through such tricks as AKHAND PATHS. Remember that Gospel or BAANI is for listening, understanding and acting upon and, therefore, just reading of the corrupted AD-GRANTH SAHIB on behalf of someone does not make any sense. Thus, all the paid GRANTHIS and musicians should be sacked from all the Gurudwaras as the duty of reading and exposition is of the NIRMALLAE SANTS only.

Then, you can expect some learned Sikhs to feed the True Thrones with TATT Khalsas and to produce enough Apostles to go around the country and overseas to Preach Gospel of RAM in honour of PAAR VISHNU SATGURU NANAK DEV JI. This will clarify the misunderstandings created by the sons of Satan among the so-called Hindus and Sikhs. Remember that it is the religion of Satan, who is selfish by nature, to bring about chaos and hatred among the ignorant people to glorify himself and not God.

Finally, this type of knowledge is not for the common but for the rare sensible people of discerning spirit and, therefore, there is no need to write too much to make it boring.


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