BookRev-21Predictions, the First Principle of survival-Be a son of Man - 1.

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BookRev-21Predictions, the First Principle of survival-Be a son of Man - 1.



FIRST FOUNDATION:- Everything that happens in the world does so according to the "Will of our Father" and not to the designs of SATAN. Therefore, a good grasp of the Gospel in the capacity of the "spirit of man", COMMON SENSE, can give us some ideas as to what is happening and what shall we expect to happen in the near future.

Thus, at present we are passing through GREAT TRIBULATIONS PERIOD (GTP), which will start around 21 December, 2012 when the Mayan Calendar touches ZERO. Mayan Calendar applies to this spiritual Age of Christ and if you know what applies to flesh, the opposite applies to our souls and so this Calendar is running negative against the normal calendar. We are approaching the End of the World Atomic War that would cast its shadow to warn us to become Christ centred and not keep on sleeping in the manner of the natural man.

During this GTP, there shall be many riots, both sectarian and non-sectarian, in which the "tares" and "merciless" people will kill and burn each other.

The criteria of destruction is laid down in all the religious books whereas in the New Testament it is much more explicit and easy to understand than in the New Testament, the AD-GRANTH SAHIB, of the Sikhs. The procedure of destruction as the present Dark Age approaches its end has been well outlined by Jesus in Matt.13.v24-30 and it is stressed again in Matt.15.v13: But He answered and said, "Every plant (person), which my heavenly Father, Yahweh, hath not planted (everyone who shall forget his tribal integrity in Yahweh), shall be rooted up (shall be killed alongside his supporters)". The same has been stressed by Christ Nanak, "BEO BEEJ PATT LAE GAE, ABB KEUN UGHWAE DAAL" i.e. those people who shall not forget their tribal "seed", will remain honourable. That is why all those to be saved, 144000, are mentioned by their tribes and not as Jews in the Revelations.

The "fruit" of this Saying was reaped by our family during the transfer of population in India in 1947 when my father repulsed a sectarian mob by becoming himself the "son of Man" and making the attackers also the "sons of Man". That is, the "tares" came as the foes but returned to their homes as the "sons of Man", the best friends in Allah. Such an example, you shall rarely come across as fanaticism breeds fanaticism.

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