BookRev-21Predictions, Patterns of destruction according to the tribal integrity - 3.

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BookRev-21Predictions, Patterns of destruction according to the tribal integrity - 3. APPLICATIONS OF THE BASIS OF SURVIAL.
LEBANON:- In this country the people have forgotten their tribal integrity altogether and they strongly represent themselves in politics in the name of Muslims and Christians. Therefore, the destruction of the country shall be great as in the other neighbouring countries in the Middle East. Wherever the people have the tribal instincts, they will suffer less. In fact, Lebanon and Sri Lanka will remain the living pictures of "Hell".
ISRAEL:- This country is almost 100 per cent of the Jews of flesh and, therefore, they shall experience a Great Tribulations after Israel, USA, U.K., France, etc. pro-USA countries attack a country making Atomic Bombs as Iran or any other country in the pro-Russia group of countries. After the attack, most countries would start killing Jews in the same fashion as they did in 64 A.D., two years after the last honest and righteous Person in the name of St.James, the Just was killed. This will also be followed by the economic crisis all over the world in which the rich and greedy would be killed by the poor that they have fleeced. This will be in accordance with the Saying, In a House, there Five; three of once-born simpletons against Two of clever twice-born people of mind or evil spirited greedy people. They will fight with each other as during the holocausts.
In fact, the seeds of Isaac being the chosen people of God, it is through them that God gives us practical instructions in His Will. Further, the sequence of events leading to Great Tribulations are predictable in that if by the end of this year as per the Mayan Calendar if a country making the Atomic Bombs is attacked, then it will take two more years to bundled up the Tares in Israel before the FINAL ATOMIC WAR around end of 2014. The Jews shall maltreat the Palestinians far worse and that would infuriate most countries. Palestinians may be expelled from their homes and Israel may also expand its territory to the boundaries of Promised Land. Not all the Jews being the "Tares", merciful people in the manners of Lot will be saved as Lot was saved from the destruction of Soddom and Gomrah.
AFGHANISTAN:- This country is also in the limelight and the people have a strong tribal integrity. This tribal integrity will save them from complete ruin.
In fact, in the past the Afghans invaded less strong countries like India and now they are supposed to bear the "fruit" of their past "deeds" of looting and killing. Only the "merciful" Afghans shall survive the Tribulations.
INDIA AND PAKISTAN:- These two countries are basically of the same tribal people and they will have Tribulations right to 2014 when the Third Atomic War is expected. Tribulations will be much concentrated in the Punjab where the Holiest of Holy Temple in the name of Golden Temple is also there in Amritsar. Remembering that the Holiest of Holy Temple in Amritsar is a Spiritual Hospital for the spiritually sick people, the cheats, there shall be much Tribulations in this area than say in Haryana or Peshawar. The order of Tribulations being governed by the Saying of Satguru Nanak Devji:"BEO BEEJ PATT LAE GAE, ABB KEUN OGHWAE DAAL". By 2014 states like the Punjab shall have no law and order and there shall be a Great War between India and Pakistan.
WESTERN WORLD:- They are mostly the nations that are led by the "psychic" politicians who hypocritically proclaim Jesus to be their Lord and God but lose no chance in selling their weapons to the poor of the Third World countries i.e. they supply the arms by the right hand and bread by the left. Most of them being the Mammon worshippers have no "conscience", never mind the love and service of Jesus, in their bloods. They shall perish by their own Atomic Arsenals in 2014 A.D., when the THIRD JUDGEMENT WAR will take place in which the Beast (sons of Satan) will be locked in the BOTTOMLESS PIT.
From the year 2020 to the year 2050, the remaining merciless people shall be weeded out and then we should expect the same situation as the Apostles experienced at the Pentecost. Then the money shall have no value or importance and as Mammon is the root of all evils and chaos, there will be perfect "PEACE".
Finally, one should not forget that the "spirit" of man knows only the things of men and to err is human. Therefore, the above PREDICTIONS should not be taken for granted but they are presented in good faith to warn people of the coming events whose shadows have been studied by me in the light of Holy Books. If I had possessed the very "Spirit of God", as the Apostles did, then I could have given you the precise times and dates of the events -1Cor.2.11: For what man knoweth the things of a man, save the spirit of man which is in him? even so the things of God knoweth no man, but the Spirit of God.

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