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University Theologians of Letters are Super Donkeys carrying Holy Books -1.

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University Theologians of Letters are Super Donkeys carrying Holy Books -1.

I attend University of Oxford Seminars and lectures and when I ask them simple questions, they have no idea. For example, they do not know who created Adam and Eve, the two fleshes? Now, our Father is Spirit and what is born of Spirit is spirit and what is born of Flesh or Adam is flesh in male and female. Spirit has no physical form or male and female, Jew or Gentile, etc.
Now, in the Universities and colleges, students go to learn Letters or Scriptures, the Milk for the once-born Babies whilst the New Testament is Gospel, the Meat for the twice-born grown up sensible people that you receive by the grace of our Father. We can understand the two by an analogy. Letters is the old wine that the old skins are capable of holding. So, when children are sent to the school, then they learn the Scriptures by the letters and get drunk with it. For the New Wine, you need to have a New Skin and the preparation of the New Skin was demonstrated by Christ Jesus when he gave instructions to the servants at Cana Marriage that first wash the stone pots, our physical bodies, well off the old wine leaven thoroughly so that there is no speck of old wine in them. This is creating the hearts of people like the little children who have not yet studied the Scriptures or the Samaritans who were not bothered to read the Scriptures like the Jews did. Then, Christ Jesus asked the servants to fill them with fresh clean water creating a person whose heart is not biased and there is no confusion in his mind. Then, with the Yeast of Holy Spirit, He turned the Fresh Water into the New Wine. Now, there are two spirits; spirit of man, common sense, that knows the things of men using common sense or logical reasoning power whilst the other is Holy Spirit, the very Spirit of God that the Labourers of Christ Jesus were Paid as Wage at the Pentecost and this Spirit is not common sense but the Extra Ordinary Sense, the Mother of all Knowledge that makes you equal to God in which there is neither giving nor taking -- the Parable of Marrying the Seventh Husband, God. Thus, Jesus was Omnipotent Ambassador, the anointed Son of our Father still He could do nothing without our Father. Thus, the people of Jerusalem who were well versed in the Letters of the Holy Books were too arrogant to know the hidden meanings of the Parables that the knowledge of Oral Torah, in which holy spirit is exercised, would make them understand easily. But as the Rabbis became greedy and Mammon worshippers like these Dog-collared Priests in Churches, the synagogues of Satan -- Matt.12.v43-45, the holy spirit or the knowledge of Oral Torah was taken away from them and they were plying the dead Letters in the manners of these University Professors who could be analogised to Publicans holding the bottles of old wines selling to their customers for the sake of Mammon. Whereas the Bottle of New Wine is possessed by our Father and He alone dispenses to His sons Free as they inherit the Royal Kingdom of God.

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