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2 UFO Ships over Trout Lake, WA

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  • uploaded: Oct 20, 2008
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This is one of many events that have occurred over Mt. Adams in Trout Lake, WA. Film is taken by James Gilliland. James welcomes visitors to his ranch there in Southern Washington, near Portland, OR. You can request a room or campsite on his property. The weekend I stayed, there were between 10 and 20 amazing visitors, so don't be afraid to travel there alone. Try to plan around the full moons, it can act as a spotlight and lower

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  • Wompasdub#

    Wompasdub August 5, 2009 9:24:02 AM CEST

    lol how much does he charge, also does he hook you up with the weed he obviously smokes a shit load of?

  • Rizze#

    Rizze October 21, 2008 12:03:54 AM CEST

    Mt. Adams is one of the worlds most important places for ufo sightings.James Gilliland is a great ambassador and I enjoy his videos.Great upload, thank you.

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