Secret Space Volume 3: The Crop Circle Conspiracy

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Three years in the making, this is a feature length documentary with dozens of rarely or never-before seen UFO clips. CHRIS EVERARD, has visited 200+ crop circles & he describes the ancient energy grid, known as LEY LINES which intersect STONEHENGE and AVEBURY, and how the ditches around many standing stones concentrate a flow of this geo-etheric energy. Thru photographic analysis of crop circles which often form close to ancient megalithic stone circles, CHRIS EVERARD pieces together a TIMELINE which connects more 4,000 years of history - proving that the Crop Circles are attracted to these ley-lines and that our ancient forefathers knew all about the self-luminous balls of light which make the Crop Circles. Chris Everard presents amazing UFO footage filmed from inside & around fields where Crop Circles have formed. Analyzing the pictograms & concluding that many Crop Circles are magical 'sigils' (or Talismans) designed to interact with the energy matrix of Planet Earth. CHRIS EVERARD traces the Hebrew, Celtic and Egyptian symbology held within crop formations, and presents staggering UFO footage from California, Greece, China, New York, Russia, England, Scotland and Australia - which shows UFOs interacting with the landscape. The UFOs seen at many ancient sites and flying through Crop Circles seem to be 'attracted' by certain geometric designs - and the plants in the fields are manipulated using ultra-harmonic soundwaves... This is NOT a new phenomena - it was obviously known about by the pre-Neolithic peoples of England who inserted giant crystalline stones into the 'skin' of planet Earth - much the same as an acupuncturist inserts needles into the skin of a patient in order to unblock sacred CHI energy... This is the THIRD feature length documentary CHRIS EVERARD has made about the Secret Space program, and it answers many questions - whilst showing genuine rare footage of multiple UFOs entering the earth's atmosphere, filmed aboard the Space Shuttle.

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