Ian Ramsey Lectures by renowned Sciencetists:-Why is Science Such a Pain? - 3

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Ian Ramsey Lectures by renowned Sciencetists:-Why is Science Such a Pain? -3. So, in the context of all his Miracles, it proves that our Father God dominates over the demiurge god of Nature Yahweh and in faith we can move mountains that science cannot explain. Yahweh, the Jealous and revengeful god of Nature created tempest to show his might when the boat in which Christ Jesus and His Labourers were traveling, started rolling that frightened the only once-born Labourers Peter, who invoked Christ Jesus for help as people do in Churches and their prayers are heard if they are part of the Royal Kingdom of God in which God is worshipped not in the brick-built temples, the Synagogues but in the individual Temples of God in Truth and spirit, common sense. Peter was called the Rock over which Christ Jesus proclaimed His Temple would be built not by human hands but by the servient Nature. That is first seek the Royal Kingdom of God, then you have favors of our Father. The rest of the eleven Virgin Labourers knew that they are in the Safe Hands of their Bridegroom Christ Jesus and they were not troubled. Such stopping the tempest of Nature also clarified the doubts in the minds of His doubting Labourers that in Christ Jesus, we dominate the Nature too. That is why the least in the Royal Kingdom of God is greater than the John, the Baptist, an Ideal Priest of Moses in which Yahweh is worshipped.

Thus, to overcome this troubled Sea of Life, let Christ Jesus steer the Boat of your Life. Christ Jesus cannot take the hem of your Boat unless you invite Him into your heart or cleanse your heart of hypocrisy and become like the hearts of little children, unbiased and clear thinker.

Remember that Christ Jesus is the Life giver and as a child, Christ Jesus made Twelve Sparrow of clay on Sabbath, a Day devoted to God or philanthropy and a Rabbi saw him do that. He went to his foster father Joseph to make a complaint and both of them came to Christ Jesus. Christ Jesus put life into those sparrows and reminded them to keep Him in their minds. That miracle astonished the Rabbi and Joseph but the Rabbi full of the old wine of letters did not appreciate what lesson has been given. That is, why when Christ Jesus was Preaching Gospel in Jerusalem, hardly anyone recognized Him to be the Christ but as soon as He went to a Samaritan village, John4, even their woman recognized Christ Jesus to be a Prophet. She and her whole village became Apostles. Samaritan Woman was known by many names representing Light and Photina is the most popular name. The Messianic Jews patched the rotten old cloth, the Torah, with the Brand New Cloth, the Gospel Parables. The Patch became worst through corruptions, making the Bible worst that the present theologians have no idea who created Adam and Eve? The Blind Guides, Rabbis, became worst in these Dog-Collared hirelings in Churches of Mammon to fulfill the Saying Matt.12.v43-45 and making the present Churches worse than the Jerusalem Temple that was destroyed forever in 70 A.D as in Jesus; we have the Fellowship of Solitary Virgin Labourers and not the slave Disciples of Rabbis or Pope.

Christ = Satguru Nanak Dev Ji was the Second coming of Christ Jesus and how to submit to the Will of God, and not to the wills of men, was demonstrated by Satguru Angad Dev Ji, the First anointed Apostle of Christ Nanak that there was no rain in the village for a few years and villagers sought the help of a local Tappa, a Fakir. He could not invoke the demiurge god of rain. In short, when people were convinced that our Father God controls all these blessing and so, first become be of our Father and then enjoy His Blessings as the Chosen People used to enjoy when they were faithful to Abraham. That is the question I asked the speaker if he could explain scientifically how could the promised land becomes a land of honey and milk when they are faithful to Abraham and barren when they are unfaithful to Abraham as displayed by the eleven sons of Jacob except Joseph who remained faithful to Abraham and he was honored by the Egyptian faithful sons of Abraham, the elder son Ishmael of the Parable of the Prodigal son, Isaac. He could not explain it. Today, Matt.13.v24-30 is being fulfilled and the unfaithful sons of Abraham, the Jews outwardly are being Bundled up for the Final Brning.

We should expect the Atomic War soon as these deadly arsenals are for use. It could be when Israel is 70 years old.

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