John, the Baptist was an Angel, a man perfect in the moral laws, Prophet Elijah and NOT a Saint.

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John, the Baptist was an Angel, a man perfect in the moral laws, Prophet Elijah and NOT a Saint.
People say anything to show greatness of the person but sometimes it works the other way round. For example, in the Royal Kingdom of God, we have our Father God, the most High and we are His sons and not slaves. Through Christ Jesus, we have been able to inherit the Royal Kingdom of God that the Rabbis kept us alienated. But today, the people address God as Lord that used to be the jealous and revengeful demiurge shadow god of Nature, Yahweh who dominated the once-born natural man to be disciplined to behave in a society that has moral laws for order. Rabbis in Yahweh trained or disciplined such natural man by making them their Disciples. The natural man was taught the moral laws of Moses and if the person misbehaved, then the Rabbi would proclaim him a sinner as sin is the transgression of the moral laws. So, under the old Rabbinic system, people used to have Lord Yahweh of terror whose moral laws were imposed on people by the frightening Rabbis. In short, the Disciples are slaves to the Rabbis but in Christ Jesus, we have Father God and being His sons, we are not slaves. That is, in God we are not slave Disciples but the Freemen heirs to the Royal Kingdom of God. Christ Jesus is our anointed Elder Brother and He too inherits the same Royal Kingdom of God as we do. That is why Christ Jesus said, I will go Home and make places for you to live in the Royal Kingdom of God. We are where our anointed Elder Brother is. Thus, both God and Christ Jesus are NOT Lords but Father and Son respectively. Our Mother is Holy Spirit that too is the Mother of Christ Jesus whilst Mary was the Surrogate mother as Joseph was a Foster father. Thus, the Lords of terror existed in the Old Testament of the Rabbis whilst our Parents, God, the Father and Mother, are loving and merciful. In order to be the salt of our Parents, we too need to be loving and merciful. Remember that out of the twelve sons of Jacob, eleven were cruel and deceitful whilst Joseph was humble and faithful to his father Jacob. After Joseph left the Promised Land, the remaining crook brothers did not represent the Salt of Abraham to whom the Land belonged. So, the Land became barren and they have to vacate it for food. In short, addressing our Father God or our anointed Elder Brother a Lord, you put them into the kingdom of Satan where people are terrorised in the name of sin when through sacrifice Christ Jesus has set us FREE of the sins and law but subjected us to Holy Spirit and Righteousness that originates from our hearts. The transgression against the Holy Spirit is Blasphemy or called hypocrisy. Thus, the spiritually blind people call Lord in Churches that belongs to God.
Now, John, the Baptist worked for Adam and in the name of Abraham, he was baptising Jewish men in water telling very clearly that the one coming after me or the order in which the baptism takes place, will Baptise you in Holy Spirit. Today, people are baptising Gentile men and women when John, the Baptist did not baptise a woman or a Gentile. John, the Baptist was Prophet Elijah, the Ideal Rabbi and an Ideal person in Adam is called an Angel. Angels are Freemen but with no Freewill as they are bound by the moral laws that they propagate. Angels are shadow to the Saints or Witness to the Light of our Father, His Word. So, calling John, the Baptist a Saint is wrong as He was an Angel who is a Friend of the sons of Man and kills those who are unfaithful to Adam or Abraham, the Noble Salts of the earth. All sort of addresses are used and by addressing our Father and His anointed Son Lord and so happily put both of them in the Kingdom of Satan to justify that the soldiers who died in the world wars did so to glorify God and not Mammon? Christianity is for the twice-born people of both sexes of discerning intellect and not for the Book worms.
So, by addressing John, the Baptist as a Saint, you are taking him off the duties of the Messenger, an Angel, and making him a Royal Preacher of His Word. But who will prepare the people or make them faithful to Abraham that would be able to absorb or have ears to hear His Word? Remember that in the Royal Kingdom of God, sycophancy does not work and you need to have an outspoken heart of a little child.

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