UFO Sighting - Ohmenhausen, Germany - 24/03/2012

UFO / OVNI / НЛО / March 24, 2012 / 24.03.2012.

►►► xxxdonutzxxx (XDZX Ufology) is an agency for unidentified flying objects. We show you videos you cannot see every day. Normally this material disappears immediately in the files of the countries and will be forgotten. We too receive fakes and therefore it is possible that now and then we upload such a fake. At the end of every year we will upload a report and a video what will show which videos were real and which videos were fakes. We have professional FX experts who can recognize every fake. We upload the most videos from the previous day, are thus still not been analyzed. We own all the rights for the videos and photos on our YouTube channel. It can be used private and the original link to our video can be used in Blogs, web pages, etc. New uploads or commercial use need a license from us. You can contact us through YouTube. Thank you!

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