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UFO over Kiev, Ukraine - May, 02 2012 - 1080p HD Version


  • Ronray#

    Ronray May 6, 2012 11:00:41 PM CEST

    I was focusing on the two small white objects above and to the left of the. That was REALLY interesting. Of course, they could be placed into the video as extra bait...?

  • Moodycat#

    Moodycat May 6, 2012 8:17:46 PM CEST

    A remote controlled model? Reported in the local media? Witnesses? Military response? More black ops? Unconvincing!

    UFO Revelation, Tim Matthews, Blandford, 1999, London.

  • Theyear2010#

    Theyear2010 May 5, 2012 5:24:40 AM CEST

    here is the most amazing event happening IN BROADDAY LIGHT and this camera person just standing still, he/she doesn't even trying to run around the building, when this object lowering itself disappearing behind the building, to film more of the closeup shots. Usually if a video/s make no sense, it usually are fake.

  • Darian#

    Darian May 3, 2012 10:30:13 PM CEST

    ahhhhhhaaaa balon 100 %

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