THIS IS NOT A REAL EMERGENCY! 9. After Armageddon © History Channel

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I just happen to be turning the channel when I caught this show. I am one who believes that people should be prepared for disaster, especially after the recent natural and manmade disasters that have occurred in our world. This movie gave me some ideas and also made me rethink some of the plans that I had in case of disaster. I would recommend that everyone watch this movie. It has something for those who believe in bible prophesy and something for those who would prefer to believe people with degrees. No matter what you believe in, you cannot help but to pay attention to the message that this movie is sending, and that is "BE PREPARED". If a person watches this movie and walk away without being stirred in some way to do some little thing to be prepared for a disaster (manmade or natural) then you may need to watch the evening news. Then watch this movie again and see if you do not see some similarities. We really need more practical documentary type movies like this, the survival information and other expert commentaries is the main reason why this movie stands head and shoulders above all the others that I have seen. It's just not giving you some examples of what could very well happen but its giving you some practical information that you can use if you ever find yourself in similar situations.

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