Spiritually Dead Professors of Letters produce Fundamentalists that produce deadly sectarian riots.

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Spiritually Dead Professors of Letters produce Fundamentalists that produce deadly sectarian riots. UNIVERSITY FUNDAMENTALIST MEN OF LETTERS CAUSE SECTARIAN RIOTS.
Many people think and believe that the University Professors in theology are very learned persons to whom they look for solutions to the sectarian hatred but they are absolutely wrong. It is the University Professors who produce the leaders of the sectarian riots for they have no idea that God is Spirit and in spirit, the theology is to be studied and not in the dead letters of Yahweh, the demiurge god of Nature and of the natural man. Today, I went to Oxford University and attended two seminars. First one was by Jonathan Willis (Birmingham University), ' "Our Schoolemaster Unto Christ": Evangelical Uses of the Decalogue in Reformation England'. He talked in general and said God's Law. I told him that God does not make Laws otherwise He will be bound by those laws and no more a Free Person. He has no idea of God and so I told him that God is Spirit that sets us Free and He works by grace. It is by grace that we come to know our Father and not by reading the dead Letters at the Universities, which is old wine or Milk for the babies that the Schoolemasters teach to their student spiritually dead Disciples and they in turn reproduce them to pass the examination. Further, Scriptures or letters are the moral laws which is Milk for the Babies whilst in Jesus we need Meat as Christ Jesus stressed to the 5000 after He fed them with heavenly bread that was much tastier than the Manna that Moses gave them in the Wilderness. Then, Christ Jesus opened His Mouth that unless you eat the Flesh of Jesus and Drink the Blood of Christ, you have no part in me. Jewish men of letters took it literally and they ran away. In short, Jesus mocked the men of Letters as I do in Oxford. I asked the lecturer if he knows how to eat the Real Meat of Jesus and Drink the Blood of Christ, he or any other had no idea. These men of letters take me for a heretic but some are puzzled.
Afterwards at 2030, I went to attend Ian Ramsey Series and tonight's theme was:-
This seminar will be in the form of a panel discussion selecting themes from Prof. Brekke's new book, "Fundamentalism: Prophecy and Protest in the Age of Globalization," CUP 2012. Prof. Torkel Brekke is Professor of the History of Religion at the University of Oslo. His main field of specialization is South Asian culture, religion and politics and he has published widely about the ethics of war in the South Asian civilizations. He also works on the cultural and religious transformations in the meeting of Europe and South Asia during the colonial period. Prior to his current post, he completed a DPhil degree at the Faculty of Oriental Studies, University of Oxford, in 1999 and worked one year as an adviser in the Norwegian Ministry of Defence. His most recent book, Fundamentalism: Prophecy and Protest in the Age of Globalization. So, as you can see he painted a good picture of the men of letters from India, Britain, etc. but I had to leave the seminar at 2100 to catch my last Bus to Reading. I left a note with colleague to hand them during the question time. I hope, he has done it. In the note, I wrote that men of letters go by the letters of the Books and the letters is old wine that makes them Fundamentalists, the fanatics. Whilst the men of spirit go not by the letters of the Books but by logical reasoning that Brews the New Wine, Gospel. In Gospel, the Meat for the twice born, the person will come to know that we have one God Who is known by many names and for His Message being the same, we have One Faith. Under such circumstances, we become one Family in Spirit as my father told the invading 2000 of Arian Tribe that during the fight between Sikhs and Muslims, they are not going to die as they like the Jew spiritual selves but the tribal selves. This simple logical reasoning clarified the sectarian hatred caused by the men of letters and all the 2000 people looked after us like their Guests in Allah. This is called Gospel Truth and the Fruit was Peace that lasts. So, the men of spirit think logically and Brew the New Wine. So, this Professor was dead in spirit Fundamentalist himself promoting sectarian riots. Other speakers also spoke but in similar terms. For example, Christ Jesus Preached Islam of Allah whilst the present Islam is of Mullah. Many other things are not known to them.


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