Hitler, Bush, Obama - All same side of the story (Anti NWO song)

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Hitler, Bush, Obama - All same side of the story (Anti NWO song)

BONUS: Sing-along edition ;-)

This song was written, played and recorded by PaCmAn - all in 10 minutes

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PLEASE NOTE: I am NOT singing in that one, so dont worry ;-)

Bush he was a nazi, that was why he went to war
Obama he is just like him, a Bilderberg for sure

All their money and their wealth, was stolen from a dead mans grave
A bunch of nazi pigs they are, just study and be brave

Hitler he was just a puppet for the new world order
His ideas were never really his

Bush and Obama, its the same side of this story
will we ever learn our lesson, will we ever free our selfs?

United nations want to kill you, its in the documents

history repeats itself, their evil never ends

Now lets all just march into a FEMA camp today,
Please let me just load a pistol, and blow my brain away

After all thats what we're doing, almost every day
when we use bisphenol a, that is making people gay

mercury and aspartame, I know the names sounds lame
but after all thats said and done, its making me insane




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