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Ancient Aliens s4 e10 Aliens and Dinosaurs 3/3

  • Harlekin
  • uploaded: May 5, 2012
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  • Moodycat#

    Moodycat May 7, 2012 11:39:47 PM CEST

    Feathered dinosaurs occupied or ruled the earth, but extraterrestrial nuclear attack may have exterminated most of them. Who bombed the earth and did the dinosaurs know their enemy? Were both extraterrestrial alien factions?

    Homo sapiens and big (friendly?) dinosaurs apparently coexisted some time after the attacks. How did such a relationship come about and what was its nature? We see few enormous dinosaurs today, so where did they go?

    If this proposition is true, would it mean that evolution is false or only partially true? What does it have to say about current concepts of God? Did extraterrestrials synthesise earthlings for some purpose, and if so, for what? Surely, it would be a travesty to transhumanise them, potentially suppressing their natures and exploiting them for financial gain?

    This account seems to have nothing to say about dog people, Nephalem, or mythological species and claims like sacrifice. Perhaps other species were also involved in wars in the heavens for Ea-rth, as described in the Terra Papers from which this account seems to differ somewhat.

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