Cass R. Sunstein: freedom of speech is dangerous and must be banned

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When the military get control over a country's food and water supply, it can and will win ANY war, without firing a single shot.

Part 1 is really just made as a kind of online presentation of my self as a person, a small picture of who I am in order for people to understand my background for doing what I do here on YouTube.

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First: A news report about how FBI once again
tried to create terror inside USA

This is why free speech is so dangerous
- At least to the psychopaths at the top

Cass R. Sunstein: freedom of speech is dangerous and must be banned

- Or maybe I should say free speech is a SIN?

After all that's what his good friend John D. Rockefeller said about Competition:

Quote: "Competition is a sin"

Banned, blocked, censored, Al-Qaeda (that is now USA, UN and NATO's allies around the world on record)

You can call it what ever you want, it is still all just good old Nazi crap to me !!!

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