Minister Farrakhan Blasts Media Reporters During Radio Interview Commercial Break [WVON 1690AM]

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Farrakhan blasts the Mockingbird media:
Minister Louis Farrakhan smashes on media reporters during a commercial break on a local Chicago radio station. I remember Farrakhan as that scary black man when i was young! Now at age 52 i am humbled to realize that it was never him that was scary! It is the Truth in his words that strikes fear! my hat is off to Mr farrakhan for having the courage to speak Truth to power that so many of us lack!

People say the minister is this or that, but say what you will, the minister ALWAYS comes correct and has never bitten his tongue or choked on his words. That's the type of free man I wanna be.
"...our enemy has not been about color, creed, nation of birth but the age old battle of good vs evil...Those who wish to use their influence and wealth to enslave people of all colors with financial and physical shackles. Humans being have strived to be free to live their lives and keep what they earn and produce since the beginning and those with might have long attempted to take by use of force be it physical or governmental. That is why America was formed."
Ron Paul
- Gerald Celente -

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