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While you may view multitudes of images of angels(messengers) or heaven's gate or the kingdom of heaven on youtube, all are either photoshopped or an artist's rendition or artwork made according to their own image, while on my videos, the images are of God's own image He created, not mine, and my only effort was the click of a camera.

Images on all my videos of the stars and in this video are real and not an artist's rendition, while many others are unreal images. This is the real thing and as far as I know of, the only one of its kind on youtube.

As I have stated before, of what appeared to be a solar flare hitting the earth, and all of a sudden multitudes of stars all flickering and shining and glowing in their strength and emerging out of the cloud of fire.

Images were taken in Mimbres, New Mexico around March 2001, with a Canon T-70 slr 35mm film camera, and I have the negatives in a safe place.

The hosts of heaven have been mentioned throughout scripture, and the reason being they are in scripture is because they are real and do exist, and not the planets many believe that ancients worshipped against God's will, but actual moving messengers that give signs, such as the star that the wise men followed to Jesus' place of birth, not a planet as many believe.

Seek the truth, and you shall find it. Go after your own heart's desires and you shall find falsehoods and deceit.

Proverbs 18:2 "A fool has no desire in understanding, but only in expressing his own opinion."


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