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Bohemian Grove - The Ishtar Connection


(Please watch Alex Jones\\\' fantastic film \\\"Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove\\\" if you have no knowledge of the subject)

A further analysis of the information gleaned by Alex Jones and his \\\"Adventures in Bohemia\\\". Mr. Jones successfully infiltrated this highly guarded facility and witnessed one of their now infamous \\\"Cremation of Care\\\" ceremonies.

In his video \\\"Dark Secrets of Bohemian Grove\\\" Alex identifies Molech, an ancient Babylonian diety, as the statue of an owl located within the Bohemian Grove Retreat Facility. Molech was the Mesopotamian god of child sacrifice and is even mentioned in the \\\"bible\\\" in a negative respect. This information about Molech is correct, although I feel the owl itself is a female deity.

In this video I detail the point that Molech is not the owl of Bohemia. It is, in fact, Ishtar the Babylonian goddess of War, Love and fertility. Ishtar was a popular goddess, her likeness was found in almost every culture. I touch upon only a few in this video (Babylon, Greece and Rome) She would have been known as Isis in Egypt and, quite possibly, Kali in Hinduism.

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  • Sanmiguel#

    Sanmiguel March 2, 2009 4:57:22 AM CET

    Ishtar is the goddess that rebelled against the Annunaki ruler Anu, humm,sounds familiar.

  • Qiqiba#

    Qiqiba October 23, 2008 9:07:26 AM CEST

    Great vid, Dmtshaman ;)

  • Hubey19#

    Hubey19 October 23, 2008 1:23:51 AM CEST

    Great video...i love listening to Alex and im sure if he was able to see this he would agree or at the least be intrigued...

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