Blatant BLACKOUT of Ron Paul on CSPAN

  • Uploaded by Kanaeta on May 14, 2012
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Published on May 13, 2012 by TNSONSOFLIBERTY
newscaster misreads the positive tweet for Ron Paul replacing the good doctor's name with Mitt Romney
here is the link to twitter account of the misread tweet:!/HinesJimmy
I contacted Jimmy via twitter and I am still waiting on his response.

The CSPAN host is Steve Scully. According to Politico, he is known in the media for his "evenhandedness."
The program is Washington Journal -Open Phones-, aired on May 13, 2012 (Program ID 305984-2).
Topic: "Telephone lines were open for responses to the question whether the Presidents change in position on gay marriage is a flip-flop or an evolution."
The Tweet message came in at 21 minutes 9 seconds.
Ask him to aplogize (e-mail) journal AT c-span DOT org


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