Grail Aliens

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I Spent Hours upon Hours Searching through 20896 of the new Grail 2012 moon images taken just days ago and this is what i found, the same old tricks of white air Brushing, Black Shading, Fake Craters, Stretching, Smudging, Blurring etc taken close to the surface and made to look like they are from a distance, some of the images were once in colour as some of my finds show also the moon is a small planet Not a Dead Lifeless Rock!.

Dave B

Here's a List of Names ive contacted about this:

-Jose Escamilla
-Chris Everard
-Richard c Hoagland
-J.P Skipper
-Bryce Zabel

i know what im talking about so dont be put off by the silly comments!...

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"in the Land of the Blind, the one eyed man is King"

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